Rapid Brow

The path to bushy boy brows is not an easy one. As long as boy brows have been a ‘thing’ i’ve longed for them. I adore that brushed up brow look. Give me a natural brow over the ‘Instagram’ brow any day. The irony of it all is when i was 15 i had those brows (albeit, slightly more unruly). They were dark, thick and resembled that of a Gallagher brother, believe me, i’ve got the 5th year prom photos to prove it, but i hated them. I begged my mum to pluck them, which she very kindly did, until she eventually got bored of that and let me get them waxed. Hurrah! And once you go down that road of constant plucking and waxing it’s very hard to turn back. After a few years my caterpillars were gone and in true early noughties style they were bang on – thin and not even a smidge of pencil through them to try and even match my hair colour – Ah, what a time to be alive.

Fast forward 15 years and i miss my caterpillars, throw in Megan from Love Island flouncing those luscious brows around every night and you’ve got one desperate lady! Enter Rapid Brow.

I’ve always heard ace things about Rapid Brow and likewise, Rapid Lash. I’ve yet to venture down that road, one facial area at a time. It advises that you use religiously, twice a day for at least 6 weeks, so i did. 6 weeks came and went and i wasn’t really noticing the Megan effect, but literally overnight the hair started to sprout. I couldn’t believe it, they were coming in thick and fast! Determined to crack on (note the Love Island reference again, #obsessed) i decided to let them keep on growing, if brow growing was a sport i’d be up there with the best. I didn’t care that they were looking like they were growing down the side of my face – no, really they were nearly sideburns – and even my husband asked what was going on with my brows – it was then i knew it was working!

The time came to get them seen to and for that i will always reach out to Shelley Milne, the brow queen of Aberdeen. I think even she thought i’d maybe embraced the natural brow a little too long. Half an hour of wincing, waxing, tweezing, threading and tinting and my bushy brows were looking better than ever. The wincing came from the fact that my skin must have super sensitised by the new hair and my god the air was blue…but as the old saying goes, no pain, no gain. Shelley commented that i definitely have hair growth (i think that was plain to see if you saw me these last few weeks) but not necessarily in the areas that you want the growth (you want the growth underneath the brow to add the thickness). Hey ho, i’ll take the thicker hair on the top of the brow as a win.

Today, i’m owning the fuller brow and i’m ready to hit up Majorca this weekend…no, not to enter the Villa, i’m not that sad…plus i’m not sure 33 year old with Mum Tum and an M&S cossie is what the producers are after.  Their loss.