Nars Radiant Longwear foundation - Review

Let me just start by putting my hands up and saying that i am a Nars girl through and through. I love their foundations, concealers, bronzers, liquid highlighters, cream blushes, in fact, it’s probably easier to list the products i don’t like, the list is definitely shorter! So whenever Nars launch a new foundation i am chomping at the bit to get my hands on it. I’m a big Sheer Glow fan and an even bigger All day Luminous Weightless fan – I wore it on my wedding day so in my opinion that is the highest praise possible.

‘Radiant’ and ‘Longwear’ are two of my favourite words when it comes to foundation, i mean surely that’s the dream? I like glow, but i also like it to last past lunchtime. This foundation is marketed as #strongwear and with claims that it last 16 hours it really was making all the right noises. And 33 shades? Bravo Nars, bravo.

Suffice to say i instantly enjoyed this foundation. It is extremely pigmented which meant that a little went a long way. It covered all of my redness and evened out my skintone and it wasn’t matte. I don’t necessarily think that ‘radiant’ is the right word for this – i mean it’s not what i would call dewy – i would just say it’s ‘not overly matte’ but as a marketing person i know that doesn’t really have the same ring to it! I find that it lasts pretty well on me (although i can’t think i’ve ever worn it for 16 hours) and towards the end of the day my natural oils give it a nice finish, i do enjoy a foundation that gets better with wear.

The consistency is heavier than Sheer Glow and much heavier than All Day Luminous Weightless and i find that i like to apply it with a firmer buffing brush to really work it into the skin to give it a more skin-like finish. I think it would be very easy to go over the score with the pumps and end up with a full coverage face. Again, i must stress, a little does go a long way. My favourite thing about this foundation? It comes with a pump! Hurrah, Nars finally got the memo.

So while this foundation works for me and my skin i have read / heard / seen a lot of people saying that this foundation just does nothing for them and in cases even separates on the skin throughout the day. It really has divided opinion and seems to be a lot of people who love it or hate it – the marmite of the foundation world.

I’m most definitely a lover, but if you are considering it maybe pop to a counter to pick up a sample of your shade before you invest.