It Cosmetics - Your Skin but Better

It’s no secret that I am all about that ‘Glow Life’ – you just have to watch my insta stories to see me practically bathing in liquid highlight on a weekly basis but in real life, when you have merely minutes (or as long as a 3 year old with an iPhone will allow it) to get ready for the day ahead the last thing I have time for is strategically placing my Iconic London drops on the high points of my face and cupids bow. I have time for dry shampoo…and coffee, ALWAYS time for coffee. My morning routine is simple and since I discovered the IT Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC cream it appears to have gotten even easier, that’s right, I have managed to free up minutes to actually brush the dry shampoo through my hair #winning.

I have been pretty open about the fact that I am not about the CC, BB, EE, you name your letter creams, because quite frankly they do not provide me with the level of coverage I require to leave the house. Fine if you have perfectly flawless skin to start with, but if you’re like me and suffer at the hands of redness, dullness and generally looking rough as a badgers arse without makeup you are going to need something that provides a decent level of coverage, and I’m here to tell you my friends IT Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC cream certainly does!

The IT Cosmetic range was developed by a Roseca and Hyperpigmentation sufferer who wanted to create products for consumers who didn’t have typically ‘perfect’ skin. She knew what it was to have flat, dry, red, problem skin and knew that she wanted to create products that not only made skin look incredible but were actually kind to skin and provided a level of skincare; including 2018’s buzz word: Hyaluronic acid and SPF 50. The bestselling product of the whole IT Cosmetics range is the Your Skin but better CC cream after it was demonstrated live on QVC on the founders makeup free skin – a cult product was born.

I first tried the original CC cream (silver tube) and I instantly liked it, but they since went on to release an illuminating version (pink tube) and a matte one for oilier skins (green tube) and I have come to adore the illuminating one. It’s illuminating without looking ‘sparkly’ – I’m quite particular about my glow and how I want it to look – forget to brush my hair most days but I’ll be damned if I don’t glow!

The formula of this CC Cream is almost creamy but still feels like liquid. Its not runny, it’s almost quite stiff and the texture allows you to build a medium to full coverage very easily. A little product goes a very long way because it’s very pigmented. I wear the shade medium and I really like the tone, it’s not pink and it’s not yellow, just a very nice neutral colour. I don’t need to wear a lot of concealer with this product unlike other BB / CC creams and even ‘glow’ foundations I’ve tried to get the coverage I desire, I just need to add some under my eyes for darkness, but that’s just because my sprog doesn’t give me a full night of sleep (!!) I do set areas that start to get oilier throughout the day (nose and chin) but I need to do that with all of my foundations so nothing new there. I can get a full 8-10 hours wear out of this CC Cream and it still looks good, again, more than some of more glowy finish foundations I enjoy.

I also love that I feel like I’m doing my skin a wee favour when I wear this product. I don’t feel like I’m caking it in foundation that’s going to sit in pores, in fact it has a lot of amazing ingredients that actually benefit skin. It’s got everyone’s favourite hydrator; hyaluronic acid and it’s factor 50+ so protects your skin from the elements and pollution – please note that the level we wear (i.e 2 pumps) it’s not going to be like wearing Factor 50 facial sunscreen, but hey it’s better than nothing in my eyes.

The finish of it on the skin really is the crowning glory for me, it’s full coverage without looking or feeling heavy, it glows without looking shiny and sparkly and I think it just looks better as the day goes on. It’s £30 and comes in 12 shades. For me, I think it’s great value for money and will always have a place in my makeup bag. I tend to pick it up when my skin is at its worst but I need it to look it’s best. It really does look like my skin, but better – example of excellent marketing right there!