Charlotte Tilbury – Hollywood Flawless Filter – Review

Hello! No, your eyes do not deceive you, i am finally back in a blogging space after 2 years of a child who does not sleep. I can’t promise it will be a regular thing but you have my word i will try! She’s sleeping just now if you hadn’t already guessed.

When i thought about making my return to the world of make up blogging there was only one obvious choice about what i should write about. It’s the product that most people have asked me about the last few weeks (mainly because i’ve been using it pretty religiously in tutorials) and that is…drum roll, please…Charlotte Tilbury’s new cult product ‘Hollywood Flawless Filter’. Launched in February it describes itself as, ” a revolutionary, customisable complexion booster” – acting as a primer, a highlighter and a foundation enhancer, this product made some bold claims. Can i really look like a Victoria Secret model if i part with the best part of £30? Well you know me, i’m a sucker for anything by Ms T so i was first in line, pleading with her to take my money.

I’ve had a good play around with this product and tried it in a variety of ways and it’s fair to say i know how i like to wear it best, here’s my breakdown:

Primer – I’ll be honest, i noticed very little evidence of this under my foundation. I’ve tried it under full coverage foundations and sheerer formulations and it really doesn’t do much for me wearing it under product, especially when it looks so banging on top of it!

Highlight – on top of foundation on the high points of your cheeks it’s more subtle than a powder highlighter or the Hollywood Beauty Light Wand (another product i adore from CT) but it does add a nice sheen to the skin, but if i’m wearing highlight i want it to be blinding…not subtle. Yep, i am that walking disco ball.

Complexion booster – now here is where i think this product packs a punch. I add this product on top of foundation, mainly concentrating on the apples of my cheeks and it gives the most beeeeeautiful (that is me stressing how beautiful) glossy, sheen to the skin. It’s like sitting under soft lighting – how your skin might look if it was drenched in candle light. It is just perfect. I love sheen (i’m sure this is perfectly clear to anyone who’s watched my videos, looks at my photos, generally talks to me!) i love my skin to look like it’s glowing from within and i’m not even kidding when i say this does that. As a complexion booster,it’s inevitably going to add more coverage to the skin, so please bear that in mind if you prefer a more natural looking skin, but if you do prefer something more natural this product could still be a great one for you. I can see this looking stunning on sun-kissed holiday skin on it’s own – that’s how i plan to wear it on holiday.

This product comes in 7 shades and i’ve been wearing number 3 in light medium. I find this to be perfect for my skin tone.

When there’s been lots of hype about a product there’s nothing worse when it fails to deliver but i can put my hand on my heart and honestly say that this already has a firm place in my kit and on my dressing table.